Monday 21 November 2016

What's Your Favourite Personal Radio Story?

Those of us lucky enough to have worked in radio each have colourful memories.  

Some of those stick out more than others.

What's your own personal radiomoment?

Before the memories are forgotten, or before we're run over by the number 23 bus, it's good to capture them.

As #radiomoments followers will know well, I'm interested in this stuff.  First hand accounts are always good to hear.

If you have a tale or two to tell, let me have it.  

  • The station launch you were part of.
  • The station close you witnessed.
  • A snippet of insight into a famous programme.  
  • A dramatic incident. 
  • A first. 
  • A last. 
  • A tale of a well known character.  
  • A technical achievement.
  • A technical mishap.
  • Some background for an incident we know well. 
  • A real success story.
  • Something awful.
  • A controversial decision. 
  • A tale from life back in the day.
  • The most memorable moment of your radio life. 

If I go on any more, this may sound like a desperate plea for calls on a BBC local station, so I shall pause there. But if something not on the list is of interest, that's just fine too

Tell me your story.

Click here to upload a file of you rambling away for a few minutes on your single most memorable radio experience. (If you're on a PC, you can actually just click the 'record' tab and record it 'live' straight to Audioboom)  

Do say who you are, what your connection to the tale was, and the rough date you are talking about.

Don't worry about messing up, I'll chop it around as I get round to using bits of it. 

It won't be published instantly or automatically (despite what it says on the screen) - it just comes to me. 

Any problems, drop me a line and I'll give you an email address to send a file to.

I'll use bits of them as appropriate in #radiomoments weekly reviews and the like - and keep them all safe for posterity.

Do it now, whilst you're in the mood...

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